Where I'm Located: Milan, Italy

My Web Design Career in the Making

Get to know me

With this post I want to introduce myself and give you a better idea who I am. I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Given that my mother is Mexican and my father Israeli, I grew up fluently speaking four languages.

Coming from such a multi-cultural background, I always had the urge to travel and live in many different places. I decided to start with Miami, and came here to study Web Design and Interactive Media at the Ai Miami International University of Art and Design.

Web Design as a Career

Choosing this career was one of the best decisions I ever made, because I truly found my passion in Web Design and Development. I could sit hours and hours in front of a computer and make a website look and function the way I envision it. This career has given me the opportunity to explore my creative and technical side. I have found a balance with both characteristics, which allows me to create truly amazing things.


The Web Industry

A major factor that made me fall in love with Web Design was the web community. My very first web related event that I attended was SuperConf. It was a conference that featured a startup competition and a variety of talks. I was there all weekend long, a had the pleasure to listen to so many inspiring individuals, who really used the web world to its full potential.

I will never forget a presentation of an Argentinean company who invented facial recognition software, which they intended to sell for stores. I was fascinated by the idea and power it has to help businesses make more revenue, by truly adapting to their consumer needs. They incorporated social media and various web interfaces. That really inspired me to want to become a part of this industry, to belong to the community.

I continued to go to other web conferences like, Word Camp and SIME Miami. I also had the opportunity to participate in a Hackathon, which was a very exciting experience.

My goal as a Web Designer

My goal is to gather as much knowledge and experience in Web Design and Development, as well as getting to know as many people in the industry as possible. An important part of my life will always be to support and attend web events, and network with people that have exciting ideas. I believe that the Web World wouldn’t have such a strong presence, if it weren’t for out tightly knit community. The web community is one that strives through competition and opts to help one another as best they can, which has made it grow exponentially over the years.

I am excited to start my career as a Web Designer and Developer and for what’s to come.


Photo Courtesy: Miami Herald

Written by: Sandra Orgler